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Meet EcoBreathe

The world's only fully recyclable disposable mask.
As the world uses more PPE, disposable masks create environmental issues. Cloth masks are environmentally friendly but sometimes circumstances call for disposable masks. ARClothMasks is proud to partner with EcoBreathe to combat the environmental impact of disposable masks.

The New York Times wrote about this mounting problem including the impact on the oceans and our water supply. Learn more below about how EcoBreathe's unique design enables it to be recycled.

Your Used Mask Needs to Make It to the Trash Can

They’re on beaches, in parking lots, and on sidewalks. You probably won’t catch the coronavirus from a discarded mask, but the litter poses a risk to the environment."
By Marie Fazio
July 25, 2020

Helen Lowman looks at litter a lot. It’s her job. But while walking her dog in Westport, Conn., in March, she noticed an alarming trend. First she passed some dirty wipes on the ground. Then there were gloves. And finally a mask. Four months later, she said the litter of personal protective gear has only gotten worse.

As more people wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, more personal protective equipment, or P.P.E., has been found as litter around the world.

The issue has prompted environmental organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency, to sound the alarm. Some local governments, like Suffolk County in New York, have instituted fines for littering involving masks and gloves, and police departments, like the one in Swampscott, Mass., have warned that improperly discarding P.P.E. is a crime.

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Single-use face masks pose a serious environmental threat.


single-use masks will enter our oceans every month if just 1% of masks are disposed of improperly, according to the WWF.

The problem is that a mask's efficacy is directly tied to its disposability....

EcoBreathe is the world's only fully recyclable disposable 3-ply face mask.

Made to the same stringent standards as it's non-recyclable counterparts and sold at industry leading prices.
EcoBreathe face masks are made of Polypropylene ('PP'), recycling symbol #5
Used EcoBreathe are placed in our Recycling Stations, included with each carton of masks
Recycling Stations are regularly collected and masks are sanitized for recycling
Our recycling partners then convert EcoBreathe into post-consumer PP pellets
Our recycling partners issue 'Recycling Reception Reports' upon receipt of our used masks. These reports verify EcoBreathe's conversion to post-consumer polypropylene pellets, used for the manufacture of everything from shampoo bottles to car parts.