KN95 Respirator Box (x30 Individual Masks)

$ 34.99 
Our KN95 standard rated filtering facepiece respirators have a filtration efficiency of at least 95% against non-oily particles inn the environment. For bulk orders, please contact:

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Product Reviews

We are pleased with the masks. The color is great!
Cedarville Schools
The most comfortable mask I have ever worn and I have tried many different types of masks."
Client of ARClothMasks
My intern, picked the masks up on Tuesday at the mailroom. You all have been wonderful in supporting us and we really appreciate it. The masks are great and match wonderfully.....We are excited that you were able to meet the expectation.
Sheila R. Sollis, US Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District
I LOVE my masks I got from you!
Madalyn Dortch
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